Procurement Consultancy

We target completing the necessary feasibility study within all commercial operations with China and Turkey, offering you the most convenient prices and products from a wide range of products and minimizing the risks you might encounter within the trading process.

Searching for Suppliers

We both confirm the legitimacy and reliability of the procurement facilities and to conduct the necessary market research not to encounter any unfavorableness during the procurement of imported products.

Price Analysis and Statistics

We provide the needed products in intended quantity and at the right time by controlling the quality of the products during the manufacture and we minimize the manufacture period and cost of funds in importing process. We promise to tender you the best quality products with the best price.

Pattern and prototype

We check the products before shipping and prevent a possible loss of fund and time for you by providing the genuine samples of needed products from manufacturers so you will not encounter any unpleasant surprise with the products.

Business Fair Visit

We attend the business fairs, take the critical notes and inspect the desired products in the name of your company and we provide you the qualified information from the crucial and correct sources at the right time.



About Us

Oseas Trading We always focus on the demands of our customers and meet their requirements by our ultimate experience in international business. We welcome you to find the trending and most productive way of trading in China and Turkey throughout our company. It depends on your will to choose the most profitable way of business by working with us.

Why Us?

There are always risks for the investors in a new market all around the world if they do not have enough information about it. We, as Oseas Trading Co turn all the possible risks you might encounter into the opportunities.


We render different services you demand to our customers with our young and dynamic team members who are experts in their fields.


We complete all trading process from research, stock supply and tracking, quality control, inspection, loading and shipping, customs procedure to all other paper works on behalf of you and your company within honesty and mutual trust.